Fuchsias Facts. Now coming to the blog as well

I started the #FuchsiasFacts series for fun on Twitter. It’s honestly a little hard to reduce the text down to Twitter’s 144-character limit without leaving some, if not most, of the fuchsia fun behind, though.

Something had to be done.

So now there’s a new graphic format that’ll allow a more consistent look, along with more meaningful text.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter, I also post them to Facebook. And visit the Urban Fuchsias+ Blog because those fun #FuchsiaFacts are now here as well.

Save 'em. Collect 'em. Trade 'em with your friends. It’s fun, fun, fun with fuchsias! So start with a new Fuchsia Fact every Monday on Twitter or Facebook. On the blog, though, I’ll collect them together once a month or so.


Fuchsia Facts 001

Fuchsia Facts 002

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