Want to know everything there is to know about fuchsias? Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Fuchsias in the City, a small fuchsia garden in Portland, Oregon.

Portland? Oregon? Yes! If you've been here before and are a little confused, we've moved.

Formerly located in New York City on 1/92nd of an acre (1/224 ha), the old city refuge was cloistered within the high-rises of Manhattan and inhabited by fuchsias, hostas, ferns, astilbes and way too many other shade-loving plants. In October 2019, the fuchsias left Manhattan to Go West.

They're now happily ensconced in a new landscape in the City of Fuchsias & Roses and making it their own. Well, it's generally known just as the City of Roses but the fuchsias are working on that one. There's already a beachhead of hardy fuchsias at the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park and another display at Western Seminary.
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Autumn. After the frost.

This new garden will be a work in progress. It's a generous 1/15th acre with a sunny, southern exposure. The USDA Climate Zone has seen a bump up as well. It's now 8b, bordering on 9a. Or Zone 6 on the more locally accurate Sunset climate scale.
 Sunset Zones.

Portland's maritime-influenced climate has little in common with the heat and humidity of similar USDA zones in the Eastern and Southern US. Portland is practically a fuchsia paradise. Correction, it is a fuchsia paradise. Fuchsias love this climate. Many are entirely winter hardy here.

 Enter the garden.

Don’t forget to take a peek at the rest of the website. The motto around here may be Fuchsiae in urbe but there’s also lots of general information on fuchsias—both from around the corner and around the world.

Looking to find
 fuchsias for sale? Learn about their  care & culture? Join a  fuchsia society or group? And much, much more? Then you’ve come to the right place. Fuchsias in the City has all the right stuff you need to know.  Site guide.

A garden, of course, is a living, changing thing so don't neglect to drop by every now and then as the seasons progress to see how it's coming along. You can also follow
 The Urban Fuchsia+Blog for posts on the new fuchsia garden, as well as various other thoughts of gardening and horticulture, in the city or otherwise. With travels, too. Or, come, join in the conversations on Twitter  @Fuchsiarius.

Comments? Questions? We'd love to hear from you!
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R. Theo Margelony
Fuchsias in the City
Now Portland, Oregon
Formerly Manhattan, New York

The Urban Fuchsia+Blog


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