The Garden at Fuchias in the City
The Urban Fuchsia at
Hortulus Fuchsiarum

Gardens evolve. They change. They’re never the same from season to season. Nor from year to year. Of course it’s their nature and their essence. You can start your visit in the earliest days of the year. The beginning of the calendar year, after all, does coincide roughly with the winter solstice. That seems appropriate. The year’s nadir is both an end and a beginning. Since it's still early, there's not much yet but I’ll be adding more updates as the seasons progress.

The garden may be small, but there are sure to be both thrills and chills. The first fuchsias of the season. The malodorous flowering of the
Dracunculus, falsely arrived as an Arum italicum. The excruciating invasion of the hoary caterpillars. Hurricanes. Killer heat waves. Freak snow storms. And final flourishes of toad lilies and cyclamen among the falling leaves. Stay tuned.

Don’t neglect to revisit the older gardens at some point, though. In gardening, you can’t plant something new without first turning over some of the old ground. You can also enter the Hortulus Fuchsiarum Time Portal™ and head back still earlier.